Pet Dentistry in Costa Mesa, CA

Pet dentistry is vital for maintaining your best friend’s overall health and wellness. At Newport Mesa Animal Hospital, we provide comprehensive pet dental services to maximize your pet’s quality of life.


Pet Dental Services Aren’t Just for Clean Teeth & Nice Breath

Untreated oral health issues can cause infections, which can spread through their bloodstream to affect your pet’s major organs, such as the heart, kidneys, and liver.

This means that it’s just as important to provide routine dental care for your dog or cat as it is for you to see a dentist regularly.

At Newport Mesa Animal Hospital, we provide pet dental services using modern techniques and advanced equipment, including digital dental x-rays. This empowers us to detect any issues beneath the gum line that would be undetectable otherwise, including abscesses, broken teeth, resorbed roots, and retained roots, among others.

Common Problems Resolved by Regular Pet Dental Care

  • Gingivitis: Also known as gum disease, gingivitis is the inflammation of the gum tissue, and is very common in both dogs and cats.
  • Periodontitis: Periodontitis is a severe and advanced form of gum disease that involves inflammation and infection of the structures around the teeth, including the gums, periodontal ligament, and alveolar bone. Also referred to as periodontal disease, it typically develops from untreated gingivitis, and is the most common dental problem for dogs.
  • Tooth Fractures: Broken teeth can lead to infection inside the tooth (endodontic disease), and are the second biggest problem for dogs.

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Newport Mesa Animal Hospital is a family-owned and operated veterinary hospital. We’ve been treating our fur patients in Costa Mesa, CA (and its surrounding communities) with love and respect since 1983!

Your four-legged family member needs regular dental care just like you do, and we’re here to provide it for them. We offer dog teeth cleaning services and comprehensive pet dental services to improve their wellness and quality of life.

Use our convenient, online appointment request form for pet dentistry made simple. To clean your pet’s teeth, treat any issues, and prevent potential worsening, schedule an appointment with our gentle veterinarians today.

We’re proud to serve Costa Mesa, CA and the surrounding communities since 1983.

At our family-owned and operated veterinary hospital in Costa Mesa, CA, we believe in treating patients with love and respect. You can count on us to be there when your four-legged family member needs us most!

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